When one of my favourite clients called me up and asked me to create a little magic for them, I was over the moon.

Vuly trampolines is a long term client of mine, that has created a little history recently by developing a unique and truly amazing product, a ‘super’ trampoline – seemingly straight from the legendary Gods themselves, called ‘Thunder’.  Actually, it was the brain child of Joe Andon, a Steve Jobs clone who never tires until he creates perfection.  Another reason he is one of my favourite clients is that, he assists me with whatever I need,  to achieve the technically challenging, no matter what.   Yes,  The perfect client.

Anyone in the photographic know will agree, that photographing wriggling children in the late stages of twilight, using multiple light sources of different origins, operating in the dark,  in a forest, whilst battling vampiric mosquitos,  is a challenge, but with the art direction of Wen Shi and the whole crew of Vuly lending a hand, we achieved a complicated shot, and to add a little extra,  some wonderful retouching by Jorge Patrocinio.

Enjoy magic hour.