Last weekend was the festival of Holi, an ancient Hindu religious festival, that celebrates the colours of life, laughter and love on the vernal equinox or full moon.

Traditionally brightly coloured powders are thrown at each other on the streets, while people dance and sing to drummers and musicians.  People play with colour, laugh, talk, eat and drink.  This festival signifies the end of a dark winter and the birth of the colours of spring.  It is also a time for personal growth,  for forgiveness, renewing broken relationships and discarding emotional baggage.

Personally, I have been fascinated with Nebulae recently, since I discovered the StarChart app.   Laying under a starry night sky and searching deep into space expands your thinking from the microcosm we live in.

All the Nebulae I have looked at, seem so unreal, like someone exploded coloured powder and light into the blackest of space.   So with the  festival of Holi just finished and all that gorgeous Gulal powder left over,  with the help of some amazing people that is just what we did. Played with powder and laughed.

This is man in space.

Thanks to our very talented model Man Cheung and Mark Duffus for the use of Bespoke studio