This last month was Broncos month.

It’s a massive production that comes round once a year where the whole years worth of sponsor material and Broncos promotional photography including the season poster, is all shot in one day. Being just one human, I enlist a team of good souls, who help me make it happen, including stylists, extra photographers, a producer, set construction, assistants and the list truly does goes on.

It definitely gets my brain firing on all cylinders to co-ordinate and bring the whole thing together, where thousands of images are being captured in a short space of time.

But my favorite part of the job is the team poster. After the concept is approved by the client, it takes me months of pre-planning and pre-shooting to map out its structure—yet the team players all have to be shot in mere minutes! There’s no room for mistakes.

This year I was able to achieve a few fun concepts at the end of the crazy day.

“The Incredible Hulk” starring Ben Hannant. Ben is an absolute trooper, holding onto very uncomfortable poses for long periods, after an already long day, and

“Family Portrait” starring, Corey Parker, Ben Hannant again and Jack Reed, donning fabulously retro winter clothing in no less than 35º heat!

Yes, there is nothing like suffering for your art.