I don’t profess to be a great cook, but I love experimenting and sometimes I amaze myself while other times I am trying to scrub a sadly charred pot and at the same time waving something in front of a wailing smoke alarm.

With every episode of Master Chef, my level of experimentation increases and so do the ‘helpful’ gadgets in the kitchen.  So currently I have no bench-space left and blenders, grinders, pasta makers, ice-cream churns and food processors falling out of overly stuffed cupboards.

I admit to having a love affair with eating food, but, If there is one thing I enjoy more than eating it or trying to conjure up something delightful in the kitchen, it’s shooting food.  I also have a rather unhealthy obsession with purchasing cookbooks, not always for the recipes, but largely for the images and on my bucket list, is shooting my own cookbook.  So I was absolutely delighted to be invited to shoot 2 Small Rooms Canapés cookbook.

My top tip when shooting beautiful recipes for a cookbook?

Is it is important to sample the product after every shot… ;