What do you do, when things don’t go quite to plan?

The shoot had been booked, carefully pre-produced and planned.   The day had arrived and it was time for my assistant and myself to pack up the 4wd to the brim and head out to the shoot.

We were due to shoot the new menu for Obsession restaurant,  in their newly refurbished restaurant in South-bank, the only hitch was, when we arrive there, the electricians were still working furiously trying to connect power, the plumbers had not arrived yet, to install the gas, so the food stylist and 4 chefs could not prepare and cook and the fit out was not complete.

Plan B:  After a little revised planning and a minor deconstruction of some wallpaper, panels and screens, we crammed ourselves back in the now well overly full 4wd and headed to my house.

It was time to give my newly renovated back deck and kitchen, a whirl!

Shortly after, in load 4 chefs, 1 food stylist, the art director and the client, the chefs got to work in my little kitchen taking over every inch of bench space, the art director and client commandeered the dining table and in a short time the whole back deck looked like it had always been a studio.   My assistant and myself, used the screens and panels and we created a backdrop for our Asian tasting table, each dish was carefully prepared by the chefs and the arranging of the food done by the food stylist. 8 hours later, 8 beautiful dishes and every pot and pan in my house needing a good clean, we had our gorgeous new menu images for Obsession Restaurant.

There is always a plan B

Happy Client and Art Director 4 Chefs